Legal Advice & Notaries

Our team of lawyers consists of competent legal advisors who together cover a broad range of specialist areas. They think and work in an interdisciplinary way, are committed to your interests and are absolutely solution-oriented.

The same applies to our five notaries, who are there for you in all matters requiring notarial or official certification.

Do you have a concern in the area of legal advice and notaries? Then get in touch with us now!

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  • Labour Law

    Labour disputes, corporate transactions and group restructuring.

  • Receivables Management

    Review and assessment of claims.

  • Construction &
    Architectural Law

    Advice on issues relating to real estate projects.

  • Banking &
    Capital Market Law

    Concepts for financing structures and support with contracts.

  • Data Protection Law

    Advice on IT Law, data protection, data management and the protection of confidential information.

  • Inheritance Law

    Concepts for avoidance or resolution of unresolved inheritance matters.

  • Family Law

    Judicial and extrajudicial family law matters of all kinds.

  • Commercial &
    Corporate Law

    Consulting services for companies and managing directors of all types of companies.

  • Real Estate Law

    Consulting services for real estate owners and investors.

  • Insolvency Law

    Consulting in case of (imminent) corporate or private insolvency.

  • IT Law

    Solutions for specific legal questions concerning information technology.

  • Merger &

    Advice on the preparation and execution of company acquisitions on the buyer and seller side.

  • Tenancy &
    Home Ownership Law

    Support for apartment owners and property managers in legal questions regarding rental or ownership properties.

  • Tax Law

    Advice and representation in court on tax law issues at home and abroad.

  • Road Traffic &
    Administrative Offences Law

    Implementation and enforcement of claims in the event of accidents, breaches of rules or criminal offences.

  • Company Succession

    Early planning and clarification of legal and tax issues.

  • Authorised Dealer &
    Commercial Agent Law

    Comprehensive consulting services for contract drafting and processing.

  • Competition Law

    Assistance in the field of unfair competition (fair trading law).

  • Commercial Criminal Law

    Representation of clients in matters of commercial criminal law and criminal tax law.

  • Notaries

    Notarisations and certifications, particularly in the areas of real estate, corporate, inheritance and family law.

  • Inheritance Law

    Notarisations and certifications in the context of succession planning, in particular wills, contracts of inheritance, health care proxies, living wills and company law arrangements.

  • Family Law

    Notarisations and certifications for all areas of family law.

  • Corporate Law

    Notarisations and certifications for all types of companies and in the field of transformation law.

  • Real Estate Law

    Notarisations and certifications in real estate matters of all kinds.

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